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The Stargazer

Just me, out under the stars and the Milky Way, on Highway B near Helen Creek. This is one of my favorite stomping grounds for photographing the Milky Way with tree silhouettes. There is a beautiful peat bog full of tamaracks. The trees are not super tall so you see a lot of sky. This is the view towards Land O' Lakes. You can see a slight bit of light pollution from Land O' Lakes, Eagle River and St. Germain along the horizon in this shot.

I must say, it is incredibly hard to stand perfectly still for a long exposure like this. I even doubled the ISO to 16000 so I only needed to stand there for 15 seconds. Let's just say there was more than one attempt to do this and even in this one I am slightly blurry from swaying ever so slightly. Still was a fun shot to pull off and be a part of one of the shots I love taking so much.

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