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Northwoods Nightlights

The Milky Way over Little John Lake, in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

The glow on the horizon is from the two nearest towns; Woodruff and Minocqua, WI, over 10 miles away. One of the reasons I love to come to the Northwoods is to get away from light pollution. I can't even see the Milky Way where I live. But I don't mind a little on the horizon. It kinda gives an ethereal effect.

I was fortunate enough to get a pretty nice meteor streak right through this 30 second exposure. It had to be a pretty decent one as it was also reflected in the water too. There are two other meteor streaks in this shot as well but they are much fainter. One is just to the left of the Milky Way and the other is near the top-left corner. Can you spot them? I decided to leave them as-is rather then remove or enhance them. It's funny; last year, over Memorial Day weekend, there was supposed to be this freak meteor storm that produced a bunch of meteors per hour so we set up and photographed the sky for hours in the same place and never even got one streak. This year it seamed like every other shot had streaks and we weren't even shooting continuously.

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